събота, 4 април 2009 г.

"O" House

O House by Philippe Stuebi Architekten

Upon seeing a house like this, one’s first impression might be the thought of it being some type of sculpture or monument. The O House by Philippe Stubbei however, is a home with a white concrete facade that has circular openings, giving this illusion. Within the structure of this Switzerland abode is an interior that reflects the outside. Mini holes are also evident on the ceilings and walls which hold this really streamlined home together. A mostly white interior, the spaces, rooms, and stairs are very linear and clean. There’s also a 25 meter pool that is situated half inside the house, and the other half outside the house, making it one of the most unique pool areas anyone has ever seen. And if that’s not enough, a car storage area inside the home also sports a gigantic atrium for natural lighting.

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